Monday, March 28, 2011

Cat and monkey

Salam and hai again,

Just wanna to share these two pictures of animals caught in action late afternoon ...

a cat taking its afternoon nap, no matter whatever objects /things laying around the house he uses it as a pillow to put its head on to...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

two wilds monkeys (Lotong) endangering their lives just to get some rambutans from a tree nearby by using electric cable to get across rather than crossing the roads below it...way to go just to stay alive and survive in this matter what obstacles lay in front of you have to face it to live onnnnnn


just ramblings of nothing...

Salam & Hai, 

For those who accidentally passing by this blog of mine....well once in a while there's a urge in me in writing in English, it's not a 100 % perfect English grammatically but at least its writable for me and understandable for those reading it. Right????? Well...this is not a cooking blog, as i'm not a perfect chef who can create creative foods and dishes as well cakes n cookies that can be found this WORLD at your finger tips, or even i'm writing about my family's vacations or others....being protective as a parent its best that only people around them know who they are.....

that's it for now till then.


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perkataan lama baru untuk hari ini...

telokup - rosak tidak boleh digunakan lagi
gulai - masakan; lauk (or dishes) yang dimasak hari ini
tanak - masak atau memasak nasi;
reti - faham akan maksud; tahu mengenai sesuatu (understand)
tak menuras - maksudnya tidak faham @ tidak tahu; contoh ayat; Kau ni tak menuras langsung.......nak buat kerja..
layang - selalu digunakan untuk layang-layang (sejenis permainan kanak-kanak) tapi untuk orang dewasa layang bawa maksud menghiris bawang kecil nipis-nipis...