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Cool Shower or Hot shower ???



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The Benefit of Cool Shower in the morning

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Interestingly, benefits of a cold shower date back even at the time of our ancestors. Ancient people believe that bathing in intense cold water contributes to their spiritual enlightenment and healing. Today, however, identified effects of a cold shower are those related to personal health and well-being.

Read on below and be informed of the various health benefits of taking cold shower and wake up each morning with great anticipation of its wonderful benefits!

Blood Flow

1. Cold showers regulate and improve Blood Circulation. Stress from an all-day’s work may cause stiffed neck and aching shoulders. Unaddressed, body pains may contribute to a not-so-good morning wake-up the following day. A cold shower in the morning may loosen the tension in your joints and muscles, reduce inflammation and ease the pain felt in significant areas. Furthermore, a cold shower would increase the body’s metabolic rate that may contribute to faster healing. Also, the cold shower would improve body’s blood circulation that would consequently dissolve impurities and eliminate harmful toxins from the body.

Help You Stay Healthy

2. Cold Showers Boost Immunity. As discussed in the previous bullet, a cold shower increases the body’s metabolic rate. In the process, calories are burnt at a much faster rate. This would in turn signal an increased production and growth of white blood cells. These “white-blood cells” are important in increasing body’s immunity against diseases as they are necessary in fighting against viruses that cause common illnesses and diseases.

Reduce Stress

3. Cold Showers Lower Down Stress Level and Increases Alertness. A good cold shower in the morning would increase the amount of oxygen reaching our brain. Having a sufficient amount of oxygen in the brain would decrease stress level and improve body functioning. This is the reason why we instantly feel awake after a cold shower in the morning. The temperature of the water also has an effect on the body’s breathing pattern. As the breathing deepens, the mood activates and alertness increases.

Assists With Exercise

4. A Cold Shower is a Good Warm-up and Post Exercise practice. This benefit is definitely for those who are always active and the gym buffs. A cold morning shower before hitting the gym can help loosen the muscles that have stiffened during the night’s sleep. Thus, a cold shower is an effortless and a very comforting warm-up prior to morning exercise. Most athletes also prefer to take ice baths or cold showers after vigorous and strenuous training as such may help in reducing soreness of muscles and joints.

Weight Loss

5. Cold Showers help burn fat. Believe it or not, a cold shower can help you lose weight! Our body is equipped with what is known to be “brown fat”. This specific type of fat is believed to be the body’s heat generator that is activated whenever we are exposed to extreme drop in temperature and maintain a viable body temperature. During a cold shower, brown fat is activated and its activity is increased. This would, in turn, increase calorie-burning in the body that would help you lose that unwanted extra weight!

Make you Beautiful

6. Cold showers make Hair and Skin Attractive. For ladies (and even men) who want to achieve sleek, shiny and attractive hair must begin loving cold showers. A cold bath closes the cuticles and roots of our hair protecting it from bacteria and other chemicals. This further strengthens the hair from the tip to its roots. As to the skin, a cold shower will moisturize it and will tighten its pores preventing the pores from getting clogged. This would reduce the development and appearance of acne.


7. Cold Showers Regulate the Level of Uric Acid. Oxidation inside our body is very essential as it neutralizes uric acid formation. In order to increase the body’s oxidation, one needs to raise the body’s metabolic rate which can be achieved through exposing the body to cold temperature such as taking cold showers. Uric acid level must be regulated and neutralized to prevent the development of gout and multiple sclerosis.

Increase the Chances of Conceiving a Baby

8. Cold Showers Increase Fertility for Men. This benefit is very intriguing but helpful to married couples who long to have children. According to a research conducted at the University of California, a man’s sperm production increases significantly after a week of taking morning cold showers. It has been found out that cold temperature can raise the production of testosterone, the male’s hormone that enhances the sexual appetite and drive.

So there is more to cold showers than just waking us up in the morning and getting us ready for work! Though warm baths become much more accessible and enticing, take the courage to turn on that cold faucet and treat yourself with the many benefits of a cool, cool bath.

*******So everyone…the choice is in your hands whether to have a hot shower in the morning or a fresh cooling bath to start your day….In love

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