Friday, April 19, 2013

How to easily compress video for your smart phone



Terlebih rajin hari ini sekadar for my info and whoever who wants to compress video fit for their smartphone…as for me none other than my samsung mini GT5570….

1. First of all just open your window movie maker


2. Then add movies/ photos like this


3. Your files of videos will pop up….just select which ever movies that needed to be compressed…


5. Your movie will appear in the movie maker…if there nothing to be edited….so the next step is….


6. Save movie…and all the choices that you have to chose in compressing the movie…follow the instruction stated…

- select the size required…

- give the movie a new

- and select the location to save the new compressed movie ……click


Tadaa… you have a movie compatible to your smartphone easily carried and watch to fill your boring waiting ….

or for more complete info just pop-in here movie maker

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Melaka River @ Sungai Melaka



Salam di hari Jumaat….another week passing by ….how fast the time flies, thats what people said that “the tide never wait for men”

A brief update and a glimpse of Melaka River caught last week, a drastic change from the smelly water and river filled with rubbish last ten years to a clean and sparkling river ala-ala scenic view of Venice …so for anyone who don’t have the chance of going to Venice…they can as well feel the river cruise here in Melaka…


One sulking boy for not getting what he wanted


Air Sungai Melaka yang sedang pasang, high tide….muka-muka yang ceria dapat ikut berjalan…




Muka orang yang sedang merajuk…..








Just ignore the unwanted model sitting on top of the stool…



Picture taken in front of the fountain

That’s all for today a brief update filled with pictures and few words….’cos the writer herself is a person of few words…..that what I can say about myself…..till then…

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perkataan lama baru untuk hari ini...

telokup - rosak tidak boleh digunakan lagi
gulai - masakan; lauk (or dishes) yang dimasak hari ini
tanak - masak atau memasak nasi;
reti - faham akan maksud; tahu mengenai sesuatu (understand)
tak menuras - maksudnya tidak faham @ tidak tahu; contoh ayat; Kau ni tak menuras langsung.......nak buat kerja..
layang - selalu digunakan untuk layang-layang (sejenis permainan kanak-kanak) tapi untuk orang dewasa layang bawa maksud menghiris bawang kecil nipis-nipis...